Justice for Sexual Assault Survivors

Survivors of sexual assault throughout California are being denied equal access to justice.That's why I'm leading the fight for rape kits to be processed and tested promptly by law enforcement agencies no matter where the assault occurred. Far too often, survivors who undergo a rape kit test sit as a barcode on a shelf. My legislation, called the Testing Evidence, Surviving Trauma (TEST) Act would require all California jurisdictions to submit rape kits within 20 days and test no later than 120 days after receiving the kit. These victims are more than a barcode. Their stories deserve justice. They are survivors.

With your support we can win equal justice for sexual assault victims. Sign the petition below to send a message to all survivors that they are more than just a barcode and that they deserve justice.

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SB 22 provides necessary regulations and restrictive time limits so that rape kits are tested in a manner which provides survivors access to the systemic justice they deserve. In CA , it takes approximately 5-7 years for rape kits to be tested, delaying the possibility of justice for survivors and creating possible excruciating emotional distress when evidence survivors have willingly submitted is not properly utilized in order to bring perpetrators to justice. It also could inhibit ongoing investigations when the DNA from rape kits is not uploaded to the DNA database in a timely manner, as this bill would mandate. SB 22 is vitally important for survivors & their ability to receive the justice they deserve.
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Survivors should not be forced to wait years to access systemic justice due to the lack of hard limitations on rape kit testing deadlines. LA County, the county with the largest rape kit backlog in the state, has already cleared a large portion of their backlog. Santa Clara County approved funding to implement a similar initiative last year.

It’s time that these initiatives receive state support and funding so that EVERY survivor in EVERY county in California seeking justice will receive it.
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In our current system, forensic examinations for survivors of sexual assault are a right, but they fail to operate as a justice. The accumulation of untested rape kits exists due to a lack of strict regulations and resources that require law enforcement agencies to process the evidence in a timely manner. As a result, more than 13,000 remain untested in California alone each year. These procedures are extremely invasive, but—if a survivor chooses to pursue a criminal investigation—they are performed as a means to obtain systemic justice. The prolonged waiting period between the time of the forensic examination and the point at which it is analyzed suggests to survivors that their systemic justices are not a priority. I support SB 22 because survivors of sexual assault cannot be forgotten in the justice system. Supporting SB 22 is telling survivors that their experiences are important & their justices are more than a barcode.
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Sign the petition: Justice for Sexual Assault Survivors https://www.connieleyva.com/justice_for_survivors?recruiter_id=7536
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