Connie Leyva - The fighter for working families and safer neighborhoods we need as County Supervisor

Working to Make our Neighborhoods Safer

  • Connie Leyva is nationally recognized for passing the bipartisan legislation - Justice for Victims Act - that eliminated the statute of limitations for prosecuting people accused of rape and sexual assault.
  • In the State Senate, she worked to pass commonsense gun safety reforms to get illegal guns off our streets and protect people against gun violence.
  • Connie has voted to increase funding for police officer training and is working to invest $400 million dollars in state funding to help victims of crime, combat drug trafficking, and bolster law enforcement to crack down on retail theft.
  • As County Supervisor, Connie will increase funding for community policing to prevent property crimes and hold repeat criminals accountable.

Champion for Essential Workers

  • Connie Leyva worked her way up at her local grocery store and was elected as president of their union – UFCW Local 1428. She was then elected president of the 2.1 million member California Labor Federation, AFL-CIO, where she served for more than a decade helping working people to get ahead.
  • In the State Senate, Connie helped increase wages and benefits for workers, protected essential workers during the pandemic, improved pay equity, and fought to stop wage theft.
  • She also worked to make the first year of community college free and expanded access to career technical training to increase opportunities for students to start good-paying careers quickly no matter which path they chose.
  • Connie Leyva is endorsed by unions representing working families throughout the region, including health care workers, teachers, nurses, firefighters, and building and construction trades’ members because they know that as County Supervisor, Connie will continue standing up to help workers get ahead.

Housing Affordability and Homelessness Crisis

  • In addition to working to bring more good-paying jobs to the region so that people can afford to stay in San Bernardino County, Connie has helped to pass legislation to make it easier to build new housing appropriate for individual neighborhoods. Her work to bring in grants and state funding to help build The Vista Verde Apartments in Ontario serves as a model on how government can do more to help working people afford housing in San Bernardino County.
  • In the Legislature, Connie has held the state accountable to fund local services to help get our unhoused residents into temporary shelters and build permanent housing with support services to help people get back on their feet again.
  • As County Supervisor, Connie will prioritize connecting homeless individuals with housing and addiction and mental health services, and work to end encampments.

Fighting Climate Change

  • Connie Leyva fought to reduce air pollution in the region and create more local clean tech jobs.
  • As County Supervisor, Connie will build on her environmental leadership to improve our local air quality and prepare for the effects of climate change throughout San Bernardino County.
  • Connie is the only candidate for County Supervisor endorsed by the Sierra Club, Coalition for Clean Air, and Inland Empire League of Environmental Justice Voters.