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About Connie: Experience and leadership to help San Bernardino County families get ahead

Connie Leyva grew up and raised her family in the Inland Empire. She knows people here have always had to work harder to get a bigger piece of the economic pie.

As our state Senator, Connie helped lead efforts to raise the minimum wage and increase pay equity in the workplace. Connie worked to make the first year of community college free and expand access to career technical training. She fought to reduce air pollution in the region and create more local clean tech jobs. Connie was also nationally recognized for passing bipartisan legislation that eliminated the statute of limitations for prosecuting people accused of rape and sexual assault.

Now, Connie is running to be our next County Supervisor.

Connie knows the pandemic has taken a terrible toll on families in San Bernardino County. Workers on the frontlines and workers supporting the regional economy have been hit the hardest. Working families deserve a stronger voice locally to get things done faster, to protect people, and help us get back on our feet more quickly. As County Supervisor, Connie will use her experience bringing people together and getting Sacramento to invest more in the Inland Empire to:

  • Create good-paying local jobs
  • Build housing that’s affordable
  • Fix our roads and infrastructure
  • Make our neighborhoods safer
  • Better prepare us to respond to future COVID variants

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